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  Curriculum Vitae          
  Research activities          
Frédéric Landragin
1 rue Maurice Arnoux
F-92120 Montrouge
Email : frederic.landragin -at- ens.psl.eu
Born on June, 28th 1974, French.
2012-2013 Habilitation to supervise research from the University of Paris-Sud. Research carried out at the LATTICE Laboratory (Paris-Montrouge). Defended at the LIMSI Laboratory (Orsay). Supervisor Prof. Anne Vilnat.
1999-2003 Ph.D. from the University of Lorraine (UHP, Nancy 1). Research carried out at the Lorraine Laboratory of Computer Science Research and Applications (LORIA, Nancy). Supervisors Dr. Laurent Romary (research director, promotor) and Dr. Nadia Bellalem. Three-year Research Grant from the Ministry of Education and Research.
1998-1999 M.Sc. in computer science from the University of Paris-East Marne-la-Vallée, with high honors. Minor: computational linguistics. Research carried out at the Gaspard Monge Institute (IGM, Marne-la-Vallée) and at the Laboratoire d'Automatique Documentaire et Linguistique (LADL, Paris).
1995-1998 M.Sc. in computer science from the National School of Computer Science for Industry and Business (ENSIIE, Evry).
1992-1995 Intensive preparation for the competitive nationwide entrance examination to French engineering schools (Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles).
1992 Baccalauréat série scientifique (equivalent to the A level in mathematics and physics).
Mathematics Logic, numeric analysis, data analysis, graphs theory.
(engineering school and professional training)
Theory of languages, computability, artificial intelligence, algorithmic, databases.
Information systems, networks, real time systems, robotics, artificial vision, computer graphics, CAD.
Operating systems: UNIX (shell, awk), MS DOS, MS Windows.
Languages: Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran, Lisp, Prolog, C, various machine languages, object-oriented programming (Java).
Description languages: LaTeX, HTML, XML.
Computational linguistics
(M.Sc., Ph.D.)
Natural language processing (problems and theories).
Computational lexicology, finite state modelling, text transduction, knowledge representation.
Syntax (problems, formalisms, and algorithms), semantics (theories).
 Professional experience
Since 2015 CNRS Research Director permanent position
LATTICE, Montrouge.
Research activities: study of the notion of salience, in the area of the problem of reference and coreference chains. Modelling, formalizing, and application to the resolution of anaphora, automatic comprehension, and human-machine dialogue. Other activities: research supervision, scientific popularization in two specific domains: photography, with an analogy between discourse linguistics notions and serial photography, and science-fiction because of my interest in scientific anticipation and ethical aspects.
2006-2015 CNRS permanent researcher position
LATTICE, Paris-Montrouge.
Research activities: study of the notion of salience, in the area of the problem of reference, particularly spatial reference and coreference, and in the area of information structure (or communicative structure). Modelling and formalizing some linguistic and cognitive aspects related to these notions. Application to the resolution of anaphora, automatic comprehension, and human-machine dialogue.
(25 months)
Research engineer position
THALES Research and Technology, Human Interaction Team, Palaiseau.
Research and implementation in the framework of an architecture dedicated to generic human-machine interaction (i.e., independent from the interaction modalities and from the business application). Research, implementation, and management linked to multimodal dialogue systems. Management for the ITEA EMODE European project.
Teaching for the Professional Master in computational linguistics of the University Denis Diderot of Paris: course in human-machine dialogue.
(18 months)
Post-doctoral engineer position
LORIA, Language & Dialogue team, Nancy.
Research, implementation, and management for the IST OZONE European project: design of a multimodal interface based on a touch screen. This work realizes some propositions presented in the Ph.D. thesis.
Management for the IST MIAMM European project.
(42 months)
Ph.D. thesis
LORIA, Language & Dialogue team, Nancy.
Research activities: multimodal communication modeling, towards a formalization of relevance (see Ph.D. thesis). Participation to the IST MIAMM European project: analysis of phenomena linked to haptic interaction, including force and tactile feedback.
Teaching in the framework of the Lorraine center for initiation into academic education (CIES): tutorial and practical work dealing with databases. Given in the Metz academic institute of technology (IUT).
(6 months)
M.Sc. thesis
LORIA, Language & Dialogue team, Nancy.
Research: analysis of the interaction between speech and gesture in a multimodal corpus; investigations on multimodal referring mechanisms and their combinations.
(9 months)
Research and development internship for the third year of engineering school
THALES Research and Technology, Orsay.
Research: analysis and implementation for the integration of speech command in a virtual reality application. Research on 3D pointing and natural language referring mechanisms. Participation to the ACTS COVEN European project on these aspects (implementation using a Division dVS/dVISE environment).
(3 months)
Internship for the second year of engineering school
Designing a database and its human-machine interface and related tools in the framework of a control/command system.
(3 months)
Internship for the first year of engineering school
SYSECA, Malakoff.
Designing interactive websites for the intranet of SYSECA.
 Languages and interests
- French: native speaker. English: fluent.
- Driving license.
- Literacy, photography (supervision of short courses, participation to a photoclub, participation to photographic exhibitions), science-fiction, mountain sports (climbing: 3 years).